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All I can think about is that one scene from the Howard the Duck movie.

is this sex?

Where else but Newgrounds?

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The controls are hyper-sensitive. It feels less like you're making a mistake on your own and more like the game is using rules that you were never told. There's about as much predictability to your movements and trajectory as there are the balloon's. The background also twists and shifts as you move to disorient you, and the camera lags behind you every time you fall, creating artificial difficulty when you need to catch the balloon as it falls down the pit. And to waste even more of your time the Balloon's respawn time is random. It can be anywhere from half a second to five. Sometimes I had to wait ten seconds for the balloon to finally respawn. The reward for beating the game is also barely worth the effort.

The graphics are also the 1-bit CRT filter overdose kind that I've seen too much of, and stops being enjoyable to look at after ten minutes of play. There isn't even any good background music to keep you engaged, just barely audible ambiance. If this game was trying to capture a bleak, hopeless, desolate atmosphere then, damn, there is no competition, because this game is designed to keep you busy for hours whether you like it or not, and it makes sure you don't enjoy a single second of it. It is a time waster in every sense of the word. Play this only if you want to be miserable for an hour.

StuffedWombat responds:

thanks for taking the time to write this!

Some very good points in there, delivered without dramatic hatefullness!

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Ow. My one weakness.

oh no i love her

hahaha what the fuck XD

I'm a character designer, illustrator, and concept artist with experience in both digital and pixel art. I also dabble in writing, animation, and web design from time to time. I mirror art I post here from other platforms.

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